Monday, April 5, 2010

Ophoria Beyond 3

I bought the Beyond 3 last summer because it was pretty and I was interested in trying another g-spot toy, since I love my pure wand so very much. However, as much as it was pretty and I wanted to use it and like it, the size of the bulbous end was intimidating, so outside of one rather painful try, it never got used. This beautiful toy sat in my drawer until recently when Epiphora posted a picture of the very moist results of her most recent experience with the Beyond 3. When she posted her review I knew I had to give it another go.

So, after finishing some homework I decided to reward myself with a little time with the Beyond 3, and boy am I glad I did. For one thing, the promise of trying a toy I was so excited about made for some very good positive motivation to get my work done. For another, it was fantastic. Yes, I was still intimidated by the size of the end of the toy (I am far from a size queen, in fact I general refer to myself as "tiny of vagina") but after getting sufficiently worked up with a combination of materials and the Lelo Lily, I lubed the Beyond 3 up and went for it.

Unlike with other g-spot toys I've used, there wasn't much positioning to do. Once inside, the Beyond 3 pushed up against my g-spot perfectly. Very little movement of the toy was necessary for proper stimulation, all I had to do was rock the toy back and forth slightly to get what I wanted. Additionally, tapping on the exposed part of the shaft sent wonderful vibrations down the shaft providing for an amazing feeling. Normally when I use g-spot toys I find my arm worn out in order to get off, but the Beyond 3 is light enough and easy enough to use that my arm was fine. Better yet, for the first time ever I got off without a vibe on my clit (though, once I was finished with my g-spot the lily came back out to finish the deal).

My Beyond 3 is a lovely purple color, and while I don't get the instasquirt results others have reported (yet!) it certainly gets the job done.

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Epiphora said...

Second chances rule! Especially with toys that were previously too big. You're exactly right about not having to position it or worry at all. I'm glad you like this toy as much as I do!