Thursday, June 19, 2008

Love is for...

There are plenty of things wrong with this segment from The Savage Nation but there's one thing in particular I really want to point out. I don't want to even touch the "mental rape" bit right now, I just want to talk about this

SAVAGE: Aren't you tired of the propaganda that every newspaper you pick up today shows old, ugly women getting married?

Doesn't that just say something about who, beyond just straight people, Savage thinks marriage and, by extension romantic love, are for? He later goes on to talk about how people should show their children animals and point out that "There must be a boy duck and a girl duck for there to be babies." which is, you know, obviously effective and very pointed because marriage, and romantic/physical love, are only valid if they're going to create teh babiez. So who is marriage for? Attractive, young, straight people who are going to produce smaller attractive people. Charming.

And, why bother with the qualifier? If what makes gay marriage truly sickening is that it's not a man and a woman, and if that's what's really wrong with it, what reason is there for you to say "old, ugly women". It is rare, in my experience, to find a man who doesn't find "lesbian" porn or random girls drunkenly making out hot, men are more or less expected to enjoy those sort of things what's the difference between pictures of these women getting married and showing affection and the women that many men spend time eagerly fapping to? Well, I've got some ideas. 1) The women in porn, and the women who are "hot" when they make out with eachother are, well, "hot." They're young, and they fit societal standards of beauty. It's hot when the people involved are considered hot, but the second one of them isn't, all you hear is "nobody wants to see that." 2) The women in porn, and who make out at parties or whatever, are generally doing it as a performance, their expression of lust for one another is meant to turn men on. The expressions of love and affection shown by the women getting married, however, are not for anyone but themselves. Apparently, there's something wrong with "unattractive" people
finding love and showing affection, and there's something even more wrong with women having the audacity to show physical signs of love/lust for one another if it isn't meant for male consumption.

I simply don't understand how you can find love disgusting. Love is beautiful, and I think the pictures are proof.

(via Shakesville)

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Cola Johnson said...

That's something people often forget when we talk about homophobia and the "sanctity of marriage" nuts. They are only talking about the ideal young couple you see in sitcoms who promptly fall to producing bouncing blonde babies.

I agree; men like him are just disgusted by people finding joy and happiness outside of his narrow definition of it. It's a function of his entitlement that he thinks his opinion even matters here. He's just a sad, hateful jerk.

Good post.